Operations Team

The Strategic Initiatives and Administration team – or Operations Team – leads the business and daily operations of Academic Affairs for the university. It includes Institutional Knowledge Management, Internal Communications and Administrative Services reporting directly to the Provost, along with planning, budget and personnel.

Associate Provost and Director of Operations:

The Associate Provost and Director of Operations is responsible for the effective functioning and operations of the Provost’s Office. This includes operations related to the management of the office, including staffing, budgeting and personnel issues, space within the Provost’s Office, strategic planning, and communications of the Provost’s Office, as well as coordination with Institutional Knowledge Management. The Associate Provost and Director of Operations is also responsible for project management and support for all aspects of projects within the Provost’s Office — including planning, organizing, management and monitoring current and anticipated projects. This position is responsible for working behind the scenes to anticipate, mediate and resolve issues before they are brought to the Provost, and serves as a top advisor and sounding board for the Provost on new ideas, initiatives and strategic priorities. This position also serves as the Provost’s delegate in relationship management and setting expectations with stakeholders both externally and internally.

Ronnie Korosec, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Director of Operations

The Operations Team’s responsibilities include:

Additionally, as part of our Operations Team, we are streamlining our administrative roles in Academic Affairs, with administrative support assigned to each of the six areas and collectively managed by Dania Suárez, Assistant Director for Administrative Services. In this role, Dania will continue to support the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and will direct the day-to-day operation of the team’s internal administrative support and shared services.

This consolidated Operations Team also will work closely with Tracy Clark, Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Budget, Planning and Administration, who will oversee sound and strategic management of the university’s financial resources. As University Controller, Tracy oversees all aspects of finance and accounting, including financial reporting, student account services, accounts payable, taxes, financials IT, and budget and resource planning for the university and for Academic Affairs. This also includes the management of the sponsored research post award process.