Space Planning, Analysis, and Administration

The Space Planning, Analysis, and Administration (SPAA) office is a department within the Information Technologies & Resources division.  As the department’s name implies, SPAA is responsible for university-wide planning, analysis, and administration of both university-owned and rented space of all types—classrooms, offices, laboratories, etc.

SPAA maintains the master database of all university space, and is responsible for space reporting to the Florida Board of Governors and facilitating the quinquennial BOG Educational Plant Survey, which establishes overall space needs and results in BOG authorization to construct or demolish buildings over the next five-year period.  The most recent Educational Plant Survey can be found at the following URL. (Please copy and paste all URLs into your browser.) .

SPAA actively coordinates with UCF Facilities Planning and Construction (which acquires, constructs and renovates space), The Office of Contracts and Real Estate Management (which identifies rentable space off campus and prepares contracts) and the Registrar’s Office (which schedules classroom space). The SPAA office reviews and approves all Minor Project Request forms seeking modifications to existing space. SPAA assigns building and room numbers for all new or renovated space on campus. SPAA also conducts analyses of space availability and utilization to guide university decision-making on space needs and allocations.

The following forms should be used to request the assignment, functional alteration, or re-assignment of space. The forms can be found on the SPAA Website .

The Request for Space form should be submitted only after all other options have been exhausted within a unit’s existing space. This form is not intended for exploratory purposes, and all requests for additional space should be critical to the unit’s continued function. All Request for Space forms will require approval from senior management (dean or VP) prior to submitting.

The Change of Room Function form is intended to track any planned modifications to a space that a unit occupies where a Minor Project Request form was not submitted; for example, conversion of a conference room to an office.

The Transfer of Space form should be submitted to the SPAA office when a unit no longer requires the use of one or more rooms that have been assigned to them. The Transfer of Space form must be approved by SPAA before any space reassignment can occur. Once the space transfer has been approved, the unit receiving the space will be responsible for any space modifications that may be required.