Faculty Resources

Faculty Excellence

Faculty Excellence is committed to supporting and strengthening faculty through recruitment, development and retention of outstanding scholars and educators.

Services include:

  • Evaluation and promotion
  • Academic leadership programs and coaching
  • Career-life balance
  • Awards
  • Leave programs


Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

The center provides development opportunities for faculty members at all career stages. It helps faculty find resources whether they are considering a new technique in class, conducting research or incorporating technology into their presentations.

Services and activities include:

  • Development conferences and workshops
  • Support for educational research
  • Adjunct and graduate assistant training
  • New faculty orientation
  • Course innovation projects


UCF Global

UCF Global provides leadership for the university’s strategic plan for internationalization and opportunities for faculty members and students to study, research, and offer service in the global community. Internationalization of the curriculum and the campus is a priority for the University of Central Florida.

Services include:

  • Grants and program assistance
  • Fulbright scholar program
  • Faculty-led study abroad programs


Center for Distributed Learning

The center provides faculty members with information and support for teaching online. It offers best practices, assistance from instructional designers and tools for interaction and assessment.

Services include:

  • Course development and production
  • Online teacher training
  • Data analysis
  • Research design


Office of Research & Commercialization

The Office of Research & Commercialization fosters the creation of intellectual capital that can solve today’s pressing problems, improve the quality of life and provide an engine for economic growth. UCF assists faculty in securing funding for their research, award management and, if desired, technology transfer.

Services include:

  • Proposal development
  • Budget preparation
  • Institutional Review Board
  • Venture accelerator
  • UCF Business Incubation Program