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Paul Gazzillo, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Amount Awarded (non-recurring)


Project Summary

Attacks on water treatment plants, the national pipeline and government and private businesses are increasingly common today, posing a threat to individuals and to national security. UCF has the expertise to tackle these threats with faculty in various colleges and within the Cyber Security and Privacy Cluster. UCF is also home to award-winning student teams focused on keeping our networks safe. But to truly innovate solutions to the constantly emerging threats, UCF needs a new kind of physical space. The award money will be used to renovate an existing computer lab into a first-of-its-kind space at UCF that will support the interdisciplinary approach needed for advanced solutions. It will have:

  • a sensory suite for comprehensive and real-time human state estimation, which will include eye-tracking,

  • physiological monitoring, and other biometric devices needed for cognitive and behavioral research,

  • cyber-analytics hardware and software platforms, used by cyber-security practitioners and for training cyber-defense professionals, and

  • computational resources for data analytics and real-time data collection from the sensory measurement equipment and cyber-defense platforms.

    The outcome is expected to translate into more research funding for UCF, a better prepared workforce and holistic solutions for problems that could potentially cripple our national economy and security.


  • Mary Jean Amon
  • Gary T. Leavens
  • Yao Li
  • David Mohaisen
  • Yan Solihin
  • Liqiang Wang
  • Changchun Zou
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Department of Computer Science

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