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Mubarak Shah, Professor, Department of Computer Science, and Director, Center for Research in Computer Vision, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Amount Awarded

Funding: $1 million recurring; $3 million non-recurring

Matching Funds

Matching: $2 million recurring; $2.7 million non-recurring

Colleges Represented

College of Engineering and Computer Science, College of Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Optics and Photonics, College of Business Administration, Office of Research (Center for Research & Computer Vision & Faculty Cluster Initiative)

Project Summary

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world and everyday lives — from facial recognition on phones to smart home devices to security measures implemented for online banking. By some estimates, the global artificial intelligence market will grow sixteenfold from 2020 to 2028, reaching nearly $1 trillion.

UCF seeks to be a leading AI research and workforce provider in offering a top-quality education in this field for undergraduate and graduate students. An interdisciplinary team led by Mubarak Shah, professor of Computer Science, will pursue groundbreaking technologies to benefit society and strengthen AI research, security and commercialization in Orlando

The team includes experts from Engineering, Medicine, Business and Sciences. It will leverage strengths in AI and computer vision to expand into other core areas, such as robotics, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine learning, and applications. Among the goals are to conduct research to advance future AI industries and to bring together a diverse range of practitioners who will help prepare Florida for the momentous societal challenges and opportunities associated with AI.


Yan Solihin, Nazanin Rahnavard, Gita Sukthankar, Fei Liu, Guifang Li, Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Xin Li, Mitchell Hill, Dexter Hadley, Sevil Sonmez, Michael Georgiopoulos, Deborah German, David Hagan, Maggy Tomova, Paul Jarley, John Weishampel, Winston Schoenfeld, Elizabeth Klonoff