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David Reed, Assistant Professor of Acting and Directing, School of Performing Arts, College of Arts and Humanities

Amount Awarded (non-recurring)


Project Summary

The money will be used to help students stay competitive as they enter the world of performing arts by helping them prepare audition material using current technology. UCF has been unable to answer an industrywide shift toward digital audition materials, demo reels and scene work, largely due to the lack of high-quality equipment. The funds will be used to create and store three mobile professional studios that would allow students to film, edit and musically underscore audition material. The technology will allow all students to utilize professional grade equipment, elevating the quality of filmed material, providing relevant career preparation and creating an equitable opportunity for each student. Additional materials will also enhance the filming process for the actors. These include the procurement of a film-appropriate aluminum armory to supplement current UCF training, and foundational scenic training material, including film-appropriate and heavy-duty aluminum seating. This equipment is intended to provide students with industry-specific training materials and to elevate the aesthetic of the filmed material. Learning to use these tools will not only prepare students for the industry, but it will also make them more competitive in the job market.


  • School of Performing Arts

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