Foundations of Excellence Transfer Initiative

UCF FoE Transfer Student Initiative

With transfer students making up more than half of UCF’s undergraduates, we’ve launched a new initiative to enrich transfer students’ experiences and drive success in the classroom and beyond.

Through the Foundations of Excellence Transfer Initiative, faculty, students and staff across campus have the opportunity to shape a university culture that better accommodates transfer students’ needs and ensures support at every level.

What is the UCF Foundations of Excellence (FoE) Transfer Initiative? 

FoE is a national self-study program, in partnership with the John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, that promotes awareness of experiences unique to transfer students and bridges gaps between academic and student affairs support to achieve greater retention and graduation rates.

Why now? UCF Transfer Students

More than 70% of UCF’s new undergraduates are transfer students, and 61% of graduates come to UCF as transfer students. We recognize the need to develop innovative approaches and have important conversations across campus about how we can better support our transfer student population – nearly 90% coming from¬†DirectConnect to UCF.

How can I get involved?

The FoE Transfer Initiative is a comprehensive, university-wide program involving faculty, staff and students across the main campus and Regional Campuses. Faculty and staff are invited to join committees exploring nine dimensions of the transfer experience. Contact Chanda Torres or Jennifer Sumner to learn more.

Students can contact UCF’s Transfer & Transition Services Office to provide feedback on their own experiences.

What next?

Check back soon for committee membership lists, meeting times and next steps.

Along with working committees, faculty and staff will receive a survey in November 2014 to further explore transfer students’ needs. Students will receive a similar survey in the Spring 2015 semester. The results of these surveys will help drive new ways of supporting all transfer students.

Findings will be published online when available.