Process Improvement Committee

The vision of the Process Improvement Committee is to make it easier for all stakeholders to do business with UCF.

The mission of the Process Improvement Committee is to identify and facilitate review of university business processes that impose unnecessary cost or delay or are viewed by users as burdensome or inefficient.

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Submitted Proposals

0096 - Make it easier to find timesheets! Reviewed If a user enters the term "timesheet" in the "I'm looking for" search box on the HR website, the excel-based timesheet is the first result from the search. Outcome
0095 - Add the ability to change the "Bill To" address in purchase orders. Waiting for Review
0094 - Implement various employee health and recreational programs. Waiting for Review
0093 - Allow for automatic cancellation of P-Cards when an employee is terminated. Waiting for Review
0092 - Develop an approved notification process for budget from foundation funds. Waiting for Review
0091 - Develop program to purchase recycled graduation gowns for both UCF and High School Graduation events held at UCF. Reviewed Information on the company "Greener Grads" will be shared with our campus cap and gown providers. Outcome
Suggestion 0090: Limit application references to professional references. In Review Currently, the application contains instructions that professional references must be current or former direct supervisors or managers. The committee is researching the ability to change the wording for Professional References section of the application.
Suggestion 0089: Match the telephone reference check and USPS hiring checklist to the online hiring proposal for USPS positions. Waiting for Review
Suggestion 0088: Follow proper flag raising & lowering procedures across all UCF property. Reviewed Met with the foundation, who will relay the UCF policy regarding proper procedures to building management. An update on this should be coming shortly.
Suggestion 0087: Implement a system where employees have input in the assessment of their supervisors. Waiting for Review

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Suggest an Improvement

The Process Improvement Committee encourages you to submit business processes and procedures you think impose unnecessary cost or delay on you or your department, or that you believe to be burdensome or inefficient. Along with your identification of problematic university business processes you are also welcomed and strongly encouraged to submit ideas for improving those same processes or procedures.

You can elect to submit process improvement suggestions in your own name, or anonymously. Of course, if you chose to submit a suggestion anonymously, the committee cannot engage in any clarification communications with you about the issue, and that issue may or may not be sufficiently defined to merit committee review.